• FCT-50/150S Compact Fuel Cell Test stations

    Two models for 25 and 50 cm²


    The FCT-150S and FCT-50S are compact fuel cell test stations designed for PEMFC testing. Based on feedback from our customers, they are designed to be the most flexible test stations on the market.

    The compact chassis integrates a programmable electronic load (250 W), gas and water control circuitry (flow, pressure and temperature) and data acquisition. The electronic load uses state-of-the-art technology and is capable of reaching very low voltage levels (virtually 0 V) at 150 A (for FCT-150S) and 50 A (for FCT-50S).

    A number of safety features have been incorporated in the hardware and software. To conduct long-term experiments, such as fuel cell ageing, Bio-Logic has developed an automated humidifier, water filling and condenser water purging, all managed by FC-Lab control software.

    • PEMFC testing
    • Single cell or small stacks

    • Manual filling kit
    • Cell test fixture