• BCS-815 Battery cycling system up to 15 A per channel

    Powerful and flexible equipment for battery cycling with EIS capability

    Baie Big size 250x400

    The BCS-815 is the new Battery Cycling System introduced by Bio-Logic. This system is a modular system that addresses the expanding needs of the industrial battery cycling market by providing superior specifications and capability for an investment that gives new meaning to exceptional value.

    The BCS-815 is a multi-channel module in 19” format. Each BCS-815 module is composed of 8 channels, with each channel providing up to 15 A @ 5 V, 10 A @ 7 V and 5 A @ 9 V. To ensure better accuracy in current control and measurement, 5 current ranges are available (1 mA to 10 A).

    Any of the channels within a module can be connected in parallel to increase the maximum current up to 120 A. With an 18-bit analog to digital converter for the voltage measurement, the resolution of the BCS-815 is an impressive 38 μV. To add even more capability and value, every channel in a module is EIS-capable over a frequency range from 10 kHz to 1 Hz for accurate and fast determination of the battery internal resistance.

    Up to eight BCS-815 modules can be added to a single BCSC-8 chassis. As an alternative, the BCSC-4 can accommodate four BCS-815 modules. In both the BCSC-4 and BCSC-8, a communication module provides the individual control and data acquisition on all the channels simultaneously. Each channel within a module is fully independent from the others.

    With the Ethernet connection, each BCSC chassis can be connected to a Local Area Network where multiple users can then access the instrument(s) and follow the battery cycling from anywhere across the LAN. Another advantage is the easy backup of cycling data onto a LAN server.

    Each channel of the BCS-815 module allows for temperature measurement with K-type thermocouples. Each module also has two analog inputs for interfacing with external devices. Battery tests can be performed accurately by a 4-point measurement.

    Each BCS-815 is controlled by a special “Battery” version of the very popular and powerful EC-Lab® software. With more than 10 years of continual development, the EC-Lab® software platform is reliable, complete and well-adapted to battery cycle testing. All channels can be viewed simultaneously on an advanced global view. The status of each channel is displayed with different colors to give quick, informative visual indicators.


    Battery Testing:

    • Li-ion
    • Li-polymer
    • Li-air
    • Li-MH

    • BCSC Chassis for 4 (BCSC-4) or 8 (BCSC-8) modules
    • K-type temperature probe on each channel
    • 0 V measurement option (0 – 7 V)
    • Battery holder
    • Cell cable: 0.25 m, 2.5 m, 5 m