• SP-300 Modular Research Grade Potentiostat/Galvanostat/FRA

    Fast, Sensitive, stable and modular


    SP-300 is a state-of-the-art modular research grade potentiostat/galvanostat/FRA with remarkable specifications. The SP-300 chassis offers two slots. The first one is used by a potentiostat. The second one remains available for an option such as an additional potentiostat board (either standard or EIS) to reach a bipotentiostat configuration. It is also a multiple user system as the two channel boards can be used independently by two different users.

    A booster kit can also be selected in our range of four internal boosters (1, 2, 4, 10 A) and plugged in the second slot.

    The base specifications are the same for both the SP-300 and the SP-200 including floating mode, analog filtering, built-in calibration board, and stability bandwidths. ES capability can be added as an option. The built-in FRA has a frequency range of 10 µHz up to 7 MHz.

    This instrument is supplied with EC-Lab® software package providing a wide range of techniques and applications.

    • Renewable energy sources
    • Fundamental electrochemistry
    • Sensors
    • Corrosion
    • Electrolysis/anodizing
    • Coatings

    • Ultra low current: range down to 1 pA
    • Built-in EIS analyser: 10 µHz to 7 MHz
    • Linear scan generator: 1 MV/s
    • Internal amplifiers: more information
    • 1 A/ 48 V
    • 2 A/ 30 V
    • 4 A/ [-3; 14] V
    • 10 A/ [0; 5] V
    • Bi-potentiostat