• MPG-2 16 channels battery test station

    Research grade battery tester with optional EIS capability


    The MPG2 is a multi-channel, research grade battery cycler designed for research on intercalation compounds, batteries and supercapacitors.
    The MPG2 is the next generation of the Bio-Logic’s popular MacPile testing unit.
    Battery testing typically requires a large number of simultaneous tests being performed. As a result, the configuration of MPG2 is fixed at 16 channels. Each channel is an independent potentiostat/galvanostat.
    The MPG2 is controlled by a PC using a USB or an Ethernet connection. When using an Ethernet connection, the MPG2 can be
    installed on a Local Area Network to allow multiple users to access the instrument.
    Each channel has two analog inputs and an analog output to allow interfacing with external instruments. For many battery experiments, it is sometimes necessary to control and record the cell’s temperature or the temperature of a thermostatically controlled chamber.
    The MPG2 is supplied with EC-Lab® software, especially adapted for battery and supercapacitor applications. Ten of the MPG2’s techniques are designed specifically for batteries. There are also general electrochemistry techniques which are important in battery research, such as cyclic voltammetry. Specific analysis tools are also available.

    Battery testing

    • Li-ion
    • Li-polymer
    • Li-air
    • Li-MH

    • EIS from 1 mHz to 20 kHz (accuracy: 1%, 1°)
    • Coin cell holder for MPG-2
    • Battery holder BH-2 for MPG-205, MPG-210
    • Rack (5 units)
    • Short (25 cm) or long cables (2.5 m)
    • Temperature probe