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    Nearly a quarter century of experience, management, dynamics and powerful structure “Entek Electronics” developing and manufacturing superior devices equipped R & D plays an important role in Turkey. Develop and produces products with the latest technology together with Turkey’s leading scientists request, where these devices are designed to be most efficient to use. In this regard they made ​​huge amount of products which are in use intensively. Entek Electronics presented a project to support R & D supported by TUBITAK in 2008. And Company further continues to work and solidifying its place in the field of innovative and reliable production.

    Entek Electronics get requests of production from academics, researchers and from our professors in universities or research centers to design special-purpose systems. As well as R & D and production of laboratory equipment, the company produces microprocessor-controlled system upon special requests. At the same time, offers production, service and maintenance to biomedical instruments at hospitals and research laboratories.

    With high confidence in the product portfolio since its foundation, and with the support of high-quality technical service, Entek has won the trust of customers with this feature has become one of the recognized company in the field.